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"Cyanotypical" opens this Friday, June 16th at Waterbury Studios!

This summer I'm excited to continue the work I began last year during my residency at Generator, in Burlington—where I began experimenting with scaling up the cyanotype prints I'd been making on fabric, to 5ft x 5ft. That residency culminated in an exhibit for Art Hop, "Cyanotypical"—which I'll be remixing and hanging as a solo show with a bunch of super fresh new work that I shot in NYC.The reception is 5-8pm on Fri. June 16th at Waterbury Studios, 7 Stowe Street in Waterbury, VT (upstairs from the connected Phoenix Gallery and Music Hall).

The post for the show uses one of my fave new portraits, of author, illustrator, and activist Molly Crabapple, who posed in the chair she's been using to paint the subjects in her ongoing Chair Series of portraits:

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